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Secure & sustainable food, on land & at sea


Farmwel is helping to generate momentum towards sustainable mainstream agriculture and aquaculture, focussing on the environment, people's livelihoods, and farm animal health and welfare.

Our work is supported by the expertise of FAI Farms, a globally respected Oxford-based farm consultancy, which helps the food-sector overcome key challenges and implement better farming practices on land and at sea. 

Our priorities are to mitigate global warming, integrate agriculture with biodiversity, and ensure that good, nutritious food is available for all.

We work alongside other organisations and networks to share ideas and help build consensus.

For more about our current work, please follow the links above.



We have no central office and our network of associates is dotted around the world.

Our chief executive is based in Dorset, UK.

Call us: +44 (0) 7920 854 904

E-mail us:

Write to us:  Farmwel, Two Ways, The Hollow,

Child Okeford, Dorset, DT11 8EX, UK

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